Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Global Financial Crisis: Seth's View

In recent weeks, we have seen a crisis in the world financial system. Stock markets have plummeted, major investment banks have been driven to bankruptcy or near-bankruptcy, gold has soared in value and the U.S. dollar has dropped precipitously.

Trillions of dollars of wealth has disappeared and world markets remain frightened and uncertain.

In late 2007, the entity, Seth, spoke about this very thing. He dictated his comments through Mark Frost and his message was both one of fear and one of hope.

The end to global financial turmoil will come, Seth says, but it will NOT come in a way that many will embrace.

Here are Seth's words as transcribed by Mark Frost on November 23rd, 2007.

Mark: Would you care to discuss the financial future

Seth: Certainly Mark, in terms of our ongoing discussion of
the nature of your Third Dimensional existence, of course (humorously). As you
well know Mark, The Abundant Universe is your birthright as a Third-Dimensional
being. We have discussed before this process of the human being "forgetting"
that they are the creator of their reality and that they do indeed exist within
a veritable paradise, a Garden of Eden. As the shift in consciousness unfolds
over the next several years, The Abundant Universe will be remembered by great
numbers of you. You will then recreate abundance within your own personal
reality fields. We have outlined this process in our new book. Here I shall
extend my description of the manifestation of The Abundant Universe to groups,
collectives of humans.

Now your industrialized nations, the
developed nations as you call yourselves, were developed "on the backs" of
native peoples, the poor, the weakest among you. This strategy has served quite
well the minuscule percentage of you who are experiencing wealth in your
timeframe. This heritage of use and abuse, however, is coming back to bite you,
in a sense, as the collective consciousness attempts a balance in the financial
domain - the arena of havingness, of fairness, of justice, you see. Evolutionary
consciousness, remember, seeks to know itself through every manifestation of
thought into idea you can imagine, quite literally. Currently you are witnessing
this creative endeavor - the manifestation of collective realities by All That
Is - in the midst of The Turnabout, this Fourth-Dimensional Shift we have
discussed in the new material. The Turnabout is also quite literal here, as
great financial misfortune will quite soon befall the practitioners of hate,
war, greed and the other negative attributes of humanity. These are the
opposites of the virtues of humanity we are continually promoting to our

As you may have noticed, l am again couching my
explanations in terms of spiritual processes - the phenomenon of All That Is
knowing itself through the creation of realities. This is a spiritual endeavor.
For this reason, those who are ready to learn their Lessons and face the music
will prosper monetarily, relative to those who continue the practice of negative
attributes. Your economic system is headed for a fall, regardless of the
attempts by your greedy leaders to support it. Your financial institutions, as
are all of your reality constructs, composed of mental stuff; of emotions; of
profound images all created and "entertained" within the mental environments of
individual human beings. As these humans continue to lose faith in their leaders
and in the very country itself - the U.S. and others - the "markets" as you call
them, will fail. Again, all of you have a hand in this failure of your system.
This is a "healing" influence taking effect here, as again, the collective
consciousness of great numbers of you in your respective countries, seeks to
restore balance along the lines of the VIRTUES of humanity. Please refer to your
own definitions of virtue in your dictionaries for further clarification
(humorously). This economic disaster should not surprise any of you. You have
brought it upon yourselves for purposes of learning your Lessons on the physical
plane. This collapse of the U.S. system will be followed by collapses elsewhere
on your world. However, the U.S. will suffer most greatly, as you there have the
most to learn. I refer the interested reader to our books for methods of
avoiding financial disaster within the personal reality field. Will that do it

Mark: Seth, I think that is enough, yes. It’s a pretty dismal

Seth: Yes Mark, if you are not learning your Lessons, it
will be quite a shock to the system, that is quite true. However, let me add
that the probabilities also exist for less drastic scenarios to ensue. Yet
balance will be achieved within all systems at some point in your near future.
Again, refer to our discussions on the abdicating of responsibility for poverty
in foreign lands by those of you in the developed nations. The coming upheavals
will balance this out quite abruptly for many of your citizens who have become
entranced by their own projections of entitlement onto the Earth.

Copyright (c) 2008. Mark Allen Frost. All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

China To Use Lethal Injections

In early January, China announced it would begin to use lethal injections to kill those to whom it had issued the death penalty. Up until now, the most populous nation on the planet has shot to death those that Chinese courts condemned. The Chinese government calls lethal injections "more humane".

According to Amnesty International, China executes more people than any other nation in the world - about 80 percent of the total, in fact.

What does this say about a society that is thousands of years old, that gave us the wisdom of Tao and Confucius and the spirituality of Buddha? I asked Seth how China is being prepared by Beings of Light for the coming shift to the Fourth Dimension, given the nation's seemingly barbaric approach to human life.

His response, as always, underlined how each of us, through our connectedness with each other, shares responsibility for what goes on in every nation and society.

Now: humanity is being prepared spiritually for the ongoing shift in consciousness. This means ALL of humanity, all of the peoples of the Earth.

You, Dear Reader, are a part of humanity. Each of your thoughts has an effect on the collective consciousness and so on the collective manifestation. If you indeed internalize this information, this theory of mine of Reality Creation, and you believe it, it would thus follow that you as an individual are not merely the individual living your life in the U.S.A. or Europe, or elsewhere; you are all connected to one another. You are one, in essence, both figuratively and literally.

You as a group, the human collective, are indeed killing your own in wars of various types around the globe; in murders accidental and intentional everywhere; in the inflicting of "capital punishment" as you call it upon the rule breakers of your individual societies.

Here I remind you that any taking of human life, for whatever "reasons," is a Violation. This violation is of a higher order of understanding than your human courts have conceptualized. The violation of murder is dealt with in very serious ways insofar as feedback to the perpetrators whomever they might be is concerned.

On a Soul level, the murderer, be they government official, warrior or what have, knows the consequences for their actions. On these levels of understanding, within the period of reflection we call the Time Between Lives, in the Home Dimension and others, these matters are examined carefully and the murderers - and also the suicides, as we have mentioned in our new material - are obliged in the normal outcomes of these afterdeath assessments, to return to the negative Earth plane, Third-Dimensional reality, to experience another life and attempt to learn the Lessons they avoided in the killing of another or the taking of their own life.

As I said, the perpetrators, be they governments, officials of whatever type, average citizens are responsible and on the Soul level they know their responsibility. This is true "to the nth degree."

In this way, whole nations that abide the killing of humans in whatever context for whatever "legitimate" reasons carry the collective responsibility of these negligent acts. This collective negligence acts as a damper on the mass manifestation of the national reality, you might say, so that the collective Soul evolution of the people in general, on all levels now, is hampered.

There is an ideal of collective manifestation of a people that exists within the collective consciousness. In your times of reverie, dreaming and other altered states, many of you tune-in to this Gestalt of Consciousness and witness what you might term the paradisaical creation of your nation.

This ideal state exists as a Utopian Idea Construct. Variations from this ideal are felt by the collective as injuries, in sense, to the national psyche, the national Soul.

All of the nations of your Earth exist within their individual national manifestations of the collective consciousness of humanity. Some exist closer to Soul than others. Some are closer to the ideal while others are journeying far away from the ideal.

In your U.S.A., in some of your Eastern and African nations, the manifestation of the ideal has been abandoned as the powerful seek to maintain and increase their power and their bounty.

This is the process of collective reality creation and each of the individual participants in the individual nations contributes their thoughts, images and emotions to the consensus manifestation.

So individually you are responsible, as for example, in your anger and hatred expressed toward your neighbor. Collectively you are responsible in your collective allowing of capital punishment to exist within your nation. As a people, the human collective, you are responsible to the degree that you do not advocate for the creation of societies based upon the human virtues rather than respect for authority, fear, anger, hatred, you see. It is all a matter of degree.

Now the Shift will occur for all of you in time. Those of you, wherever you might live, who are addicted to your negative emotions of anger, anxiety, cynicism, revenge and such, will effectively be allowed to recreate your negative realities.

This will occur after the physical death in the next incarnational experiencing. You will be given an opportunity to learn your Lessons in other lives upon your negative Earth until you have learned what you come into physical reality to learn. This is as much as I can relate to you at this time.

Copyright (c) 2008. Mark Allen Frost All rights reserved

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Ron Paul: Alone on the High Road

I watched the Republican debate on ABC television last night while working at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Ostensibly, I was looking for good sound bites to run in my newscasts.

But I was soon engrossed in the conversation especially when it dealt with American foreign policy, Iraq, Iran and terrorism. A uniformity of position certainly made itself clear. Except where Ron Paul was concerned.

Now, Ron Paul is a libertarian. He's in favor of individual freedoms that allow an individual to own his or her own life. It's a basic tenet of libertarianism. But libertarians also believe that everyone is entitled to these personal freedoms. Everyone.

And that essentially put him at odds with Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney, John McCain, Rudy Giuliani and the current "golden boy", Mike Huckabee.

All of those men supported the war in Iraq, intervention in Iran if necessary ("necessary" was not defined in the debate) and an ongoing fight against Islamic extremists.

As I outlined in the first post of The Coming Shift, I intend to lean heavily on the writings and input of the entity, Seth, whose books, spanning four decades now, are seminal in explaining the nature of our reality.

Seth makes very clear in the 2004 book, 9-11: The Unknown Reality of the World, written by Cas Smith and Mark Frost, that, while that terrible terrorist act is unforgivable and those who perpetrated it are misguided and spiritually wrong, it serves as a wake-up call primarily for America but for the rest of the Western world, too.

And the message we should hear is one Ron Paul enunciated very clearly in Friday night's televised debate: the United States needs to treat other countries the way it wants to be treated in return. The Golden Rule in foreign policy terms, if you will.

Paul was laughed at by the other candidates. They clearly regard the congressman from Texas as a lightweight intellectually and politically. And they quickly cut him down to size with the usual political rhetoric about remaining strong in the face of terrorism, fighting to maintain America's principles of freedom from tyranny, defending the Bill of Rights ("life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all") and so on.

When Paul tried to point out that Islamic terrorists hate the United States largely because they are angry and fearful thanks to past U.S. transgressions, he was scoffed at once again.

Thompson, McCain, Romney, Giuliani and Huckabee - all of them - said Islamic terrorists live to destroy the United States. What's implied is that there is no beginning point to their hatred, no source for it; Islamic terrorists are born to hate the United States.

Ron Paul was isolated and alone among the other candidates, his views considered fringe and simplistic.

And yet, in his own libertarian way, he was stating the same thing that Seth has laid out in his past works and in his current material.

If there was ever a greater indication needed that the Republican party is not ready for the Coming Shift, it was found in last night's debate.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Assassination of Benazir Bhutto: Seth Comments

This is the first post for The Coming Shift. It will examine humanity from an interesting and unique perspective. Allow me to explain by way of a little background.

I have been a journalist for more than 30 years. As such, I have reported major news stories that have occurred around the world. I have done so as a writer, anchor and producer.

When I was 14, I had what I can only describe as an out-of-body experience while waiting for a bus after school. As I "stood beside myself", I had a question posed to me: what if this was all simply God's dream and we were just characters in His dream? What if none of this material world was real?

For some reason it seemed like a revelation. Little did I realize how much that revelation would guide me or where it would guide me.

Years later, I discovered the Seth books written by Jane Roberts and my life shifted again.

Seth, the spiritual entity communicating through Jane Roberts, stopped his conversations when Roberts died in the mid-80s.

But now he has returned and is writing through a man named Mark Frost. I have been in touch with Mark and he has agreed - as has Seth - to participate from time to time in this new blog.

Which brings us back to The Coming Shift. In Seth's latest material, he speaks of an imminent shift to the Fourth Dimension.

But he does so with a warning that this shift is not guaranteed and that we humans must work to make it happen.

As a journalist, I see what many journalists see: tragedy, destruction, disasters, death. I am, admittedly, a part of what Seth refers to as the Negative Media.

But world events, good or bad, do reflect where humanity is at any given point and The Coming Shift will reflect on these events with input from Seth and Mark Frost along with other writers from the so-called New Age genre.

And now to the first post. Two weeks ago, I wrote to Mark and informed him of my blogging plans. When he agreed to participate, I was delighted. Little did I realize that an event of enormous proportions would have me writing to Mark only several days later.

Benazir Bhutto was assassinated just seven days ago. Her death has plunged the nation of Pakistan into crisis. It has left the question of when and how democracy might return to the country. But more importantly, in terms of Seth's new writings, it raises the spectre of nuclear holocaust (Pakistan is a member of the world "nuclear club").

Here is Seth's reply to my email:

"I present these messages to those of you in Third-Dimensional Reality, always with the disclaimer that I cannot relate to you too much of the issue at hand, lest you use this information to avoid learning your Lessons and to avoid going within for your own readily obtainable answers. Having said that, I will offer some broad clues as to the generative elements behind this event that may assist you in your further investigations. Nothing is what seems for you, in the West in particular, regarding these events that occur, seemingly, "on the other side of the world." I use the word seemingly here to remind you that you in the West and indeed in all countries of your great Earth, only appear to be separate from one another. In fact, the true nature of your existence is one of solidarity with ALL of humanity everywhere on your planet. You create, as a grand collective of humans, your world consensus reality, while you sleep. When you awaken, at your separate times, in your separate cities within your separate countries, you go about your waking reality building upon these agreed upon strategies for Reality Creation that you have, as a race now, developed in the dreamstate. That is what dreaming is for, in large part, you see, the building of consensus in the creation of collective realities. Now in this instance, the assassination of this respected figure in world politics, Bhutto, was shocking to many of you. "How could this happen?" you asked yourselves and your neighbors. Yet on the subtle levels, within these domains I have just described, you have already received this information, in a premanifestation state. Many of you, therefore, may be experiencing a deja vu perception, of sorts, as you experience in physical reality an event you have recently "dreamed about."
This event is directly related to the Armageddon Scenario that I and others have warned you about in our messages to you of late. The pieces are falling into place for the manifestation of this very negative event in your physical reality. This potential disaster – the global nuclear conflagration – exists as a powerful (Interruption at 1:33 pm)
1:45 pm thoughtform within your collective consciousness. It gains its potency and potential for manifestation, you see, through the "food," in a sense, that creates and sustains it: the thoughts, images and emotions of humans. You are, as a collective now, a world collective, "upping the ante" with regards to the mutual manifestation by all of you of the Armageddon Scenario. I’m sure you can see this for yourself, Dear Reader, if you would just for a moment now, disengage from the trance of your Personal Reality creation behaviors. If you do this, you will see your culpability in this negative event, as a participant in the creation of world realities. As we have related to our readers over the last five years since my return, your negative thoughts swirl around you to create a dangerous field for the manifestation of negative realities. Terrorism - as you perceive it and so as you create it - is on the rise. This event is simply one more instance of "validation" from your collective manifestations in physical reality, that terrorism exists and is "out to get you." Here is where the actions of your leaders come into play. In surrendering your powers of Reality Creation to authorities, such as your political leaders, your priests, your employers and others, you automatically diminish your own power. Your personal power to act as an individual is dissolved when you relinquish your power to another. You are seeing the fallout from this wholesale "giving up" of power to governments and other authoritarian power structures. As we stated in our Forecast for 2008, the governments of your world are engaged in the creation of a global system of control. Under the auspices of these governments, the necessary actions are being undertaken to further this manifestation. You may call this "conspiracy theory" if you wish, yet what is conspiracy if not the secret activities of authorities in the pursuit of power? In conclusion: this negative event may serve to instill fear into the hearts of many, and thus make the manifestation of the Armageddon Scenario more likely, or it may have the opposite effect with some, by galvanizing the activities of do-gooders and true visionary leaders to uncover the real reasons for this and other unfortunate events within your timeframe. Free will, of course, is operative here. You believe what you choose to believe and thus you create from your beliefs, your individual and collective realities. I trust I have given the reader "something to chew on" with regards to this event".
Copyright (c) 2008 Mark Allen Frost

And so, The Coming Shift is off to a start!